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14 Jun

Watertight and Spacious: Ecology Enclosures

Read about our Ecology Enclosure range from IDE. This IP65-rated product is suitable for many low voltage industrial applications.

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30 Apr

GRP Enclosures

Offering Optimum Durability and Resistance

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2 Mar

Electrical Safety Down the Years

A history of electrical safety down the years, looking at landmark discoveries

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11 Jan

IES Electrical Introduces: Splitters

Splitters now added to our 2021 product range

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4 Jan

Top 4 Electrical Trends to Look Out For in 2021

Discover some of the prevalent trends which could characterise the electrical sector in 2021

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3 Dec

IES Partner with C-Pak

Certified Protective Devices. Exceptional quality and highly competitive.

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