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The increase and variation of electrical appliances has lead to the need for different types of RCD Circuit Protection. This is reflected in the recent 18th Edition Regulations, specifically Regulation 531.3.3, which covers the issue of selecting the appropriate RCD for the application.

  • Type AC - Type AC RCD's detect 50/60Hz AC and are designed for general use.
  • Type A - Type A RCD's detect 50/60Hz AC and pulsating DC. These are designed to work with applications where pulsating DC current is generated.
  • Type B - Type B RCDs detect 50/60Hz AC, high-frequency AC, pulsating DC and smooth DC currents. Type B RCDs are designed to work with applications such as Electric Vehicle chargers, Medical Devices and Solar Panels.
2 Pole RCD

2 Pole RCD

CPR25/2/030 25Amp 2p 30mA
CPR40/2/030 40Amp 2p 30mA
CPR63/2/030 63Amp 2p 30mA
CPR80/2/030 80Amp 2p 30mA
CPR100/2/030 100Amp 2p 30mA
CPR125/2/030 125Amp 2p 30mA


CPR25/2/100           25Amp 2p 100mA
CPR40/2/100 40Amp 2p 100mA
CPR63/2/100 63Amp 2p 100mA
CPR80/2/100 80Amp 2p 100mA
CPR100/2/100 100Amp 2p 100mA
CPR125/2/100 125Amp 2p 100mA


CPR25/2/300           25Amp 2p 300mA
CPR40/2/300 40Amp 2p 300mA
CPR63/2/300 63Amp 2p 300mA
CPR80/2/300 80Amp 2p 300mA
CPR100/2/300 100Amp 2p 300mA
CPR125/2/300 125Amp 2p 300mA


CPR25/2/500           25Amp 2p 500mA
CPR40/2/500 40Amp 2p 500mA
CPR63/2/500 63Amp 2p 500mA
CPR80/2/500 80Amp 2p 500mA
CPR100/2/500 100Amp 2p 500mA
CPR125/2/500 125Amp 2p 500mA
4 Pole RCD

4 Pole RCD

CPR-25/4/030 25Amp 4p 30mA
CPR-40/4/030 40Amp 4p 30mA
CPR-63/4/030 63Amp 4p 30mA
CPR-80/4/030 80Amp 4p 30mA
CPR-100/4/030 100Amp 4p 30mA
CPR-125/4/030 125Amp 4p 30mA


CPR-25/4/100          25Amp 4p 100mA
CPR-40/4/100 40Amp 4p 100mA
CPR-63/4/100 63Amp 4p 100mA
CPR-80/4/100 80Amp 4p 100mA
CPR-100/4/100 100Amp 4p 100mA
CPR-125/4/100 125Amp 4p 100mA


CPR-25/4/300          25Amp 4p 300mA
CPR-40/4/300 40Amp 4p 300mA
CPR-63/4/300 63Amp 4p 300mA
CPR-80/4/300 80Amp 4p 300mA
CPR-100/4/300 100Amp 4p 300mA
CPR-125/4/300 125Amp 4p 300mA


CPR-25/4/500          25Amp 4p 500mA
CPR-40/4/500 40Amp 4p 500mA
CPR-63/4/500 63Amp 4p 500mA
CPR-80/4/500 80Amp 4p 500mA
CPR-100/4/500 100Amp 4p 500mA
CPR-125/4/500 125Amp 4p 500mA