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GRP Enclosures

This series is comprised of a set of cabinets made of hot-pressed polyester reinforced with halogen-free fibreglass that delivers a really high level of performance.

IP66 GRP Enclosure

IP66 GRP Enclosure

POL302514 Enclosure 300x250x140
PML3025 Metal Back Plate 300x250
POL403020 Enclosure 400x300x200
PML4030 Metal Back Pack Plate 400x300
POL404020 Enclosure 400x400x200
PML4040 Metal Back Plate 400x400
POL504020 Enclosure 500x400x200
PML5040 Metal Back Plate 500x400
POL604023 Enclosure 600x400x230
PML6040 Metal Back Plate 600x400
POL605023 Enclosure 600x500x230
PML6050 Metal Back Plate 600x500
POL806030 Enclosure 800x600x300
PML8060 Metal Back Plate 800x600
Glass Polyester IP66 Lock

Glass Polyester IP66 Lock

PART No. Description
29231 Black polyamide, Manual Lock with Keya T141-type key