IDE IP55 / IP67
Plastic Enclosures

High quality enclosures for all your electrical needs. IES supply and distribute the IDE unique range of electrical enclosures, ECOLOGY, STAR and PRYMA. IDE products are manufactured with high quality raw materials in order to ensure the best results during the production process. Production is fully automated, with rigorous quality control to maintain impeccable quality throughout all stages. Product quality is paramount. IDE invest heavily to ensure products are comply with current market demands, including IP protection degree, and to maintain the watertightness of the enclosures.

Other styles of enclosures are available. For further information on these or any other products from our range, please contact IES on 0845 226 7125.

IP67 Empty Plastic Enclosures

IES PART No. DEscription
EL111 108x108x64
EL161 162x116x76
EL231 241x180x95
EL322 328x239x129
GSL171 175x151x155
GSL231 241x180x175
GSL322 328x239x188

IP55 DIN Rail Enclosures for Sockets

IES PART No. DEscription
CS4PT 330x138x110 c/w 4 module din rail
CS6PT 400x176x110 c/w 6 module din rail
CS9PT 400x224x110 c/w 8 module din rail
CS13PT 400x295x148 c/w 12 module din rail
CS26PT 550x295x148 c/w 2x12 module din rails

IP67 DIN Rail Enclosures for Sockets

IES PART No. DEscription
ENCL17/8/P 284x222x122 c/w 9 module din rail
ENCL17/8/M 369x222x130 c/w 9 module din rail
ENCL17/12/GM 504x297x177 c/w 13 module din rail
ENCL17/24/GM 504x297x177 c/w 2x13 module din rails

IP66 GRP Enclosures

IES PART No. DEscription
POL302514 IP65 GRP Enclosure 300x250x140
PML3025 Metal Back Plate 300x250
POL403020 IP65 GRP Enclosure 400x300x200
PML4030 Metal Back Plate 400x300
IP65 GRP Enclosure 400x400x200
PML4040 Metal Back Plate 400x400
POL504020 IP65 GRP Enclosure 500x400x200
PML5040 Metal Back Plate 500x400
POL604023 IP65 GRP Enclosure 600x400x230
PML6040 Metal Back Plate 600x400
POL605023 IP65 GRP Enclosure 600x500x230
PML6050 Metal Back Plate 600x500
POL806030 IP65 GRP Enclosure 800x600x300
PML8060 Metal Back Plate 800x600

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