Argenta Metal

Argenta metal enclosures are designed to house switchgear, controlgear and equipment necessary to supply, distribute and convert electrical supplies. There are many sizes to choose from, enabling applications such as enclosures for measurement, transmission, signage and control equipment.

Manufactured in high quality material, the range is accompanied by a complete set of accessories including mounting plates, inner doors, canopies and ventilation systems.

IP65 Enclosures

IES PART No. DEscription
GN252515 250x250x150
GN302015 300x200x150
GN302515 300x250x150
GN303015 300x300x150
GN303020 300x300x200
GN403015 400x300x150
GN403020 400x300x200
GN404020 400x400x200
GN503015 500x300x150
GN503020 500x300x200
GN504015 500x400x150
GN504020 500x400x200
GN504025 500x400x250
GN505015 500x500x150
GN505020 500x500x200
GN505025 500x500x250
GN505030 500x500x300
GN604020 600x400x200
GN604025 600x400x250
GN604030 600x400x300
GN605020 600x500x200
GN605025 600x500x250
GN605030 600x500x300
GN606020 600x600x200
GN606025 600x600x250
GN705015 700x500x150
GN705020 700x500x200
GN705025 700x500x250
GN806020 800x600x200
GN806025 800x600x250
GN806030 800x600x300
GN808025 800x800x250
GN808030 800x800x300
GN1006025 1000x600x250
GN1008030 1000x800x300
GN1206030 1200x600x300
GN1208030 1200x800x300
GN12010030 1200x1000x300

Price above includes metal mounting plate.

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